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  1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Ford F-150 GEM Module for 4X4 Without ESOF
1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Ford F-150 GEM Module for 4X4 Without ESOF

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Brand New Genuine Part.

Free 10 Year Warranty Included.

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SKU Number: YL3Z-14B205-BA-A12



No Core Charge! Our Modules are brand new genuine Ford Parts. Compare to the dealer who now charges a $50.00 core charge for this module and requires you to return your old one so they can rebuild and resell it.

We believe in honesty and transparency, What you see is what you pay and we do not need your old module back!

About This Module:

This Module Is Brand New With the Latest Software and Circuitry. This Module Is a Genuine Ford Product.

This Module Fits Year Models: 1999-2000-2001-2002-2003

This Module Fits Series: F150

This Module Fits 4 Wheel Drive Models (Without ESOF only)*. Your Truck Must have a 4X4 lever on the Floor for this to be the correct module.

Learn More about GEM modules by Viewing a short video at the bottom of this page.

View Instructions with pictures at the bottom of this page. it's not too hard to do yourself. For an amateur allow 4-6 hours, For a Pro, it can be done in 3 hours or less.

10 year Warranty on GEM Modules. This Module Is Covered by our Exclusive 10 year Warranty. We Will replace any module that fails due to manufacturers defects for a period of 10 years.
That's 10X The warranty of the Dealer!
*Warranty Does not Cover Labor, Shipping, Or Consequential Damage.

2002 and 2003 Year Model Vehicles Require Programming.2002 and 2003 Model Trucks Require Programming. 1999-2001 Models do not require programming.

This Module Must be programmed by a local shop in your area. The vehicle must be present for proper programming. The Shop Will download the codes into your new module. The module will not work correctly until this is done.

Avoid the Ford Dealer.
In our experience the dealer charges inflated prices for this service. It should take no longer than 30 minutes to program, however most dealers charge a minimum of 3 hours for the job. Most Ford Dealers will also not let you bring in your own part, or make excuses when you do, usually blaming the part as defective in order to switch you to their higher priced part.

Most Larger independent shops have the proper equipment to to do the job with minimum cost and hassle.


*ESOF = Electronic Shift on The Fly. This Means you have a button or knob on the dash to shift into 4 Wheel Drive. It means you do not have a lever on the floor for 4X4.

Although each truck is different and can either show just one or many of these symptoms, the list below is the most common, symptoms we know of, but does not describe every symptom. The only way to know if your GEM Module is bad with 100% Accuracy is to have it tested by a qualified mechanic with the proper equipment.

Common Symptoms of a bad GEM Module. (this is a broad range of symptoms, your vehicle may only experience one or more symptoms at a time). You may also notice that when the temperature changes the GEM acts differently, (this is almost a sure sign of a GEM problem).

  • Windshield wipers work only sometimes or not at all.
  • Battery Drains Quickly When Truck Sits for a few days
  • Blower Motor Turns on By itself with no key in the ignition.
  • Truck Starts By Itself with not key in ignition.
  • Dome lights stay on all the time, work sporadically or not at all.
  • For 4X4 Models with ESOF, Your 4 Wheel drive does not work at all, or stays in 4 wheel drive.
  • Your Windows quit working all together or roll up and down all by themselves for no reason.
  • Dash lights quit working.
  • Radio stops working.

The original GEM Modules installed in these Trucks had 2 major problems.

Problem 1: The windshield leak problem. These trucks had a bad seal from the factory that allowed rain to drip down on the driver’s side of the truck at the bottom corner of the windshield. The water leaks directly into the fuse box, and the GEM module ruining the GEM module.

Problem 2: Poorly engineered part when the car was new. These circuit boards were poorly made, and after a few years of heat and cold, they fail to function any more. There are no repairable parts in a GEM module; the whole module must be replaced.

Be careful!

Many companies and dealers are still selling the old design because it is cheaper and they can make more profit. If you get the old design you will just have the same problem again. We only sell the new design GEM.

Our Solution

We are selling a Genuine Ford GEM completely revised module that Will never fail again (as long as you have fixed the windshield leak mentioned earlier). The new GEM is completely redesigned internally by Ford engineers to never fail again

How to Identify the GEM module in your vehicle:

There are several similar looking boxes under your dash. The GEM module is bolted to the side or back of the fuse box and will have a Ford part number that is three sets of characters with a dash between each set.. If the middle set of Characters is 14B205 then you have found the Gem module. The number will look something like this XXXX-14B205-XX.

Important Part Number Information:The part number on your old GEM will not match the one we send you. We are sending you the newest updated genuine Ford version, with the newest part number. Each time it is revised the part number changes, so the part number you receive from us may be nothing like the original.

Special Return Policy Applies to this Module

Modules are not returnable for a refund, but are returnable if defective, for a swap of another module during the 10 year warranty period. In other words we will not give you money back for a module, but if it is defective, we will be happy to change it for another module for you.

Why This Policy?

Unfortunately since these modules are commonly bought as test parts to diagnose a problem on a vehicle, we are unable to accept a return of any GEM module for a refund for any reason. Just think about it this way, nobody wants to buy a returned module that somebody else used to test their vehicle, Anything could have happened to it during that time, including shorting it out, getting it wet, breaking connector pins etc. You do not want to buy somebody's problem and we do not want to sell you one.

We want to remain as open and honest with our customers as possible therefore we have instituted this policy. Once you purchase the GEM module it cannot be returned even if you have never opened the box, please know that the module is yours to keep once purchased.

The Module does however have a 10 year warranty, and if found to be defective within 10 years, we will swap the module out for a new for you during this time.

Instructions for changing GEM module. You can do it yourself and save! Skip the overpriced Dealership!

The pictures shown are of a 1997 model, However the instructions and basic concepts are are exactly the same for 1997-2003 F-150, F-250 F-350, Excursion and Expedition Models

Be sure to disconnect your battery to avoid serious electrical damage before starting.

The GEM module is located the rear of the interior fuse box.

The first step is to remove the trim panel that covers the gap between the upper side of the steering column and the dash. It just unsnaps from the dash. It makes it a little easier to remove if you move the shifter all the way down to drive 1.

With that out of the way the lower dash cover can now be removed. Most of the screws have 7 mm heads but there are two that have 8 mm heads.

Those two are at the lower edge of the fuse box.

One wiring harness needs to be disconnected from the panel.

Now the screws for the fuse box can be removed.

The wiring harnesses can be removed from the back of the fuse box. Two 10 mm headed bolts at the center of each connector.

Next remove the tube brace from around the bottom of the steering column. Four fasteners with 13 mm heads.

Now wiggle, pry and twist the fuse box and GEM module assembly down.

After the assembly is down far enough unplug the remaining harness connectors from the GEM module.

Almost there.

The assembly is now free of the vehicle.

The GEM module is held to the back of the fuse box by three phillips headed screws.

Easy to remove Now.

With the three screws removed the GEM unplugs from the back of the fuse box.

Put it all back together, Reconnect your battery and check all functions, everything should be good to go!

This Part Is Covered By Our Exclusive 10 Year Warranty. If it fails due to manufacturing defects within 10 years of your purchase, we will replace it at no charge to you.

We're Proud To Be 100% USA Owned and Operated. We Are Located In Houston, Texas.

Watch a Short Video About Us and See What We're All About.

More About This Part:

  • This Part is a Top of The Line-Premium Grade Auto Part. This is not your average,

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