2004-2006 Scion XB Rear Door Hatch Handle Garnish Trim Genuine OEM Painted

2004-2006 Scion XB Rear Door Hatch Handle Garnish Trim Genuine OEM Painted

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The Original Problem

Fits 2004-2006 Models only, will not fit newer models.

Do you have a 2004-2006 Scion xB? Did you go to open the back hatch and when you grabbed the handle it broke right off?

The original handles installed in these cars had a major problem. The handle anchors are very poor quality, and if you pull to hard it breaks right off in your hand. It's not just your car, many Scion xB's manufactured in these years had the same problem.

Our Solution

We are selling a completely brand new Genuine Toyota handle. The new handle is the newest version Which is the newest design, and has been updated from the original that was installed at your car from the factory.

  • All your original hardware can be re-used
  • Installs easily
  • Painted by Toyota to match your cars exterior perfectly.
  • Comes sealed in Genuine Toyota Packaging.
  • Factory Fresh Direct From Toyota

Be careful!

There are 2 designs to this handle. The old defective design, and the new improved design. Many Internet Sellers are still selling the old design because it is cheaper and they can make more profit. If you get the old design you will just have the same problem again. We only sell the new design handles.

Note your VIN number is required with your order. Your VIN number allows us to get the correctly painted handle for your car, without your VIN number, we cannot locate the correct color for you. The VIN number is 17 digits long, be sure all numbers and letters are correct, as one wrong digit will bring up a different car and a different paint color.

Installation instructions

1) First remove the felt inner hatch panel with your tool of choice by placing the center of your tool under the panel clip (button) and prying in an up and out movement. Save the button(s) or if they break from being too brittle you can by a pack of ten at any automotive parts store. .

2) Using the 10mm deep socket and/or Pliers remove the 3 old lock nuts, studs and clips holding the garnish to the hatch panel and be sure not to lose them, you will re-uses them.

3) Remove the old hatch handle from the car.

4) Once the handle is free from the car using the Phillips Screwdriver remove the two retaining screws on the touch pad. (Do not lose them you are reusing them).

5) The touch pad will still be held in place by two retaining clips. Gently squeeze these with the needle nose pliers one at a time to remove touch pad from handle. You do not have to disconnect any of the wiring.

6) Re-install your lights and touch pad into the new handle and run your wires back into the retaining channel.


6 )Insert handle studs into their correct locations on the hatch panel.

7) Install your old lock nuts on the studs and gently tight them with the 10mm socket. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

8) Using your plastic clips re install your inner felt hatch panel.

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