2006-2010 Hyundai Sonata Genuine Outside Door Power Mirror Heated - Updated Design

2006-2010 Hyundai Sonata Genuine Outside Door Power Mirror Heated - Updated Design

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Brand new Genuine Hyundai Power Mirror For 2006-2010 Hyundai Sonata.

  • Genuine Hyundai Part, new in box, not a Chinese imitation.
  • Newest Hyundai Design is stronger and takes more force to break it off.
  • You must paint this mirror yourself or take to a paint shop or the color will not match you car.
  • Mirror is heated, heat comes on when you press the button for rear window defroster.
  • Mirror is stationary just like the original and does not fold.

The Original Problem

Do you have a 2006-2010 Hyundai Sonata? Did you come outside to find someone had broken your mirror off? Is it hanging by the wire off the side of your car?

The original mirrors installed on these cars had a major problem. The mirrors were made of cheap plastic that degrades over time. As the plastic becomes brittle over a few years, the mirror snaps off easily if just bumped against gently. Its not just your car, every Hyundai Sonata manufactured in these years has the same problem.

Our Solution

We are selling a completely revised Genuine Hyundai Mirror Made of stronger plastic that is more resistant to heat and cold fluctuations and becoming brittle. We're not saying it cannot be broken again with a considerable amount of force hitting it, but it is more resistant.

Be careful!

Many online sellers (especially those from China) are still selling the old defective design because it is cheaper and they can make more profit. If you get the old design you will just have the same problem again. We only sell the new design mirrors.

Installation Instructions.

1. Pop out the small black speaker on the door/side panel(depends on if you have the premium audio upgrade or not). this does not take too much force. the speaker will be dangling during the removal/install of the mirror.

2. you will see a big square plug for the power mirror/heated mirror. unplug it. it should come off without too much force.
(the side mirror wires bundle is attached to the frame of the car in a round plastic retainer, do not unplug this.

3. you will see 3 bolts, unscrew them with the appropriate tools. be careful not to tug on the speaker wires. also be careful not to let the bolts fall into the interior of the door.

4. remove old mirror, put new mirror on, screw back the 3 bolts, and plug in the mirror power plug. snap back the black speaker/side panel.
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