Ford Focus or Escape Steering Column Ignition Housing Flange Switch Genuine New

Ford Focus or Escape Steering Column Ignition Housing Flange Switch Genuine New

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Steering Column Housing Flange w/ Switch is a Direct Fit For The Following:

2008-2011 Ford Focus -Automatic Transmission Models Only

All 2008-2012 Ford Escape

All 2008-2011 Mercury Mariner.

Install Instructions

Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

Remove the steering columns, top and bottom cover and the drivers knee panel under the dash.

Unplug the starter switch on the left side of the column.

Remove the security ring from around the key tumbler by unsnapping it from the housing. Electrical is done.

Three small bolts hold the lock housing onto the turn signal assembly. One bolt is on top, one on the bottom left and one on the right/front. You must use your key to unlock the steering column and turn the wheel to the right to allow access the right/front bolt. Remove all three.

Last, on top of the steering column you will notice an aluminum collar that holds the lock housing assembly in place. On the right side of this collar it is bolted to the steering column by only one anti-theft bolt without a head. (The head of the bolt is gone, designed to break off at the factory when installed for anti-theft reasons so normal tools cannot be used to remove it.) Ours had yellow paint on it. Use a small, very sharp chisel to tap the side of the bolt counter clockwise to loosen it and take it out. DO NOT LOSE IT! You cannot get a replacement.

You should be able to lift up the aluminum collar and remove the old housing assembly.

To use your existing keys you must remove the old tumbles. Put the key into the lock cylinder and turn it one notch only, to the accessory position. On top of the cylinder is a small hole. Put a small torx socket (or nail) in it, push down, pull on the key to remove the tumbler cylinder from the old housing. Put the old tumbler in the new lock housing assembly.

Reverse everything and you are done.

This new part includes any available factory authorized updates to improve performance or durability.

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Comes sealed in Genuine Manufacturers Packaging.
Factory Fresh. No old or used stock.
Includes the best warranty available at no extra charge.
This is the exact same part sold at your local new car dealership.
Newest Most Up to date Version.

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Includes installation instructions? No
What is Included? Unless otherwise specified, what is shown in the product photos is exactly what you will receive.
Includes Warranty? Yes
Includes attaching hardware? No (you can re-use your original hardware). (If Applicable).

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