2007-2011 Genuine GMC Sierra front license plate bracket new OEM

2007-2011 Genuine GMC Sierra front license plate bracket new OEM

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2007-2011 Genuine GMC Sierra front license plate bracket.

Does not fit 2007 Classic Models.

This bracket is built by the same manufacturer who built your car. This is a genuine part. The Curvature, Shape, and fit will be exact, this is not a generic one size fits all bracket.

Price Shown Includes bracket only. (Note Some of the pictures and videos will show the hardware, please be aware, that this hardware is optional and not included in the base price).

Hardware Kit is available as an add on item. (You may or may not need the hardware kit depending on your circumstances).

If all of your hardware from your original bracket is intact, you most likely do not need to buy the hardware kit, as you can re-use your old hardware if you have it and in good shape.

The Optional hardware kit includes all the correct hardware in the correct sizes, thread pitches, and retaining clips (if your vehicle calls for them).

License plate bracket Mounting methods are different for each Vehicle.

Some hardware kits will contain just a few screws or Rivets, Others will contain many screws, clips, nuts etc. It depends on what your car manufacturer Recommends for your specific Vehicle. The hardware kit will contain the hardware to mount bracket to the car, but will not contain the license plate screws that mount the license plate to the bracket. (You Can Find Self Tapping screws for this if needed at any hardware store).

Instructions are Not Included.

Since each vehicle front end is so different there are no generic instructions available on how to install. You can follow these simple guidelines to help you figure out if it something you can do yourself. Some owners manuals are now including mounting instructions so check to see if yours has them included.

If your front bumper is plastic expect to drill pilot holes for the screws.

Most installs only require a drill and a screw driver.

If your car manufacturer requires rivets for proper install and your kit contains pop rivets: A rivet gun will be required for install. (This is rare). A lot of times you can get around this by just purchasing self-tapping or sheet metal screws from the hardware store and using them instead.

License plate brackets are usually installed easily, and it is pretty much self-explanatory, once you see the bracket and hardware it will seem much easier to do. However if you are not comfortable doing the job yourself, you can have a body shop install it for you, however for this simple job do not allow them to charge you for more than a half hour of work (which is usually the minimum).

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