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GRAY 2001-2007 Toyota Highlander Sun Visor New Updated Design GRAY Driver side

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Part Details and Fitment

Brand new Gray  Driver Side Genuine Toyota Sun Visor is for 2001-2007 Toyota Highlander. This is the newest revised version.

Note The Visor In the photos may look different than what you have. Toyota made 6 Different Visor designs from 2001-2007. Your VIN number will get you the exact visor you need.

The Tan Visors have been discontinued, and Toyota now services them in gray only. If you have a tan interior, you will receive a gray visor, that the color will not match your current interior, but the visor functions the same.

Does not fit Highlander that has the garage door opener made into the visor.

The Original Problem

Do you have a 2001-2007 Toyota Highlander? Is the visor falling down and obstructing your vision?

The original sun visors installed in these SUV's had a major problem. The visor will not stay up and it constantly falls while driving or running over a bump. Its not just your truck, every Toyota Highlander manufactured in these years has the same problem. The support rod loses tension over time, and begins to lose grip.

Our Solution

We are selling a completely revised Genuine Toyota Visor that will not fall down, and will not lose tension. The new visor is completely redesigned internally by Toyota engineers to never fail again.

  • Includes plug and wiring to plug into ceiling for vanity lights (only If your SUV was originally equipped with this option)
  • installs easily with a flat blade and a Phillips screwdriver
  • includes mirror with cover (only If your SUV was originally equipped with this option)
  • includes slide-out extender (only If your SUV was originally equipped with this option)
  • matches your interior fabric color exactly.
  • Comes sealed in Genuine Toyota Packaging.
  • Factory Fresh Direct From Toyota
    3 Year Warranty: This part is covered by our industry leading 3 Year No Hassle Warranty. Details
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    Additional Part Information


     Quality Information: Genuine Part. This part is the exact same part sold at the new car dealership, and includes the same quality and same features for an amazing price.
    Packaging: This part is packaged In Genuine Manufacturers Packaging.
    Product Condition: Brand New, Packaging has not been opened.
    Production Date: All parts we sell are factory fresh, are produced less than 1 year ago. Our parts have an average production date of 3 months ago or less.
    Hardware and Instructions This part does not Include hardware or instructions.
    Installation: Our Customers are reporting an average install time of 20 minutes or less. Install time can vary with individual technical skills.
    Part Source:  This part is sourced from the USA. (Products are made worldwide, however sourcing from the USA ensures against counterfeits).

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    Installation Ease: Easy - Anyone can install it
    Installation time : Less than 5 minutes
    Tools Required: Common Household Tools
    Part Quality: Excellent Quality
    Toyota Sun Visor

    Auto Parts Cheaper helped me find a hard to get sun visor for my 2010 Toyota Highlander. I got good service and the part is perfect.

    Verified Customer Review

    Installation went very quickly, no problems. Works well.

    Verified Customer Review

    As much as I like to support local merchants, paying twice the price for a car part is no longer an option. Part was delivered in two days. OEM part. Fantastic!

    Verified Customer Review

    Right part, right fit, quick delivery. What more can I ask?

    Verified Customer Review

    Good service, item has described, I will recommend in the futur