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This part incudes a 3 Year Warranty at no extra charge.

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Product Details

2005-2010 Scion tC Rear Hatch Handle Molding Garnish Painted OEM

Your VIN provides us the color and all other options on your vehicle. No Need to Provide any more info!
The VIN Ensures with 100% accuracy that the part you purchase will fit your vehicle.

Where to find your VIN Number
The VIN can be found on your insurance card, Insurance App on your phone, vehicle title, or by looking at the lower driver side dashboard from outside the vehicle.

Important: please be sure to include your 17 digit VIN Number so that we can send you the factory Toyota painted handle that is an exact match to your car.

Don't see your color in the picture? No worries! We have all 26 Toyota Factory colors in Stock!

***We Have select colors available that do not have the release switch for $99.00. You could save money by reusing your old release switch. Call for details Have your VIN number ready when calling*****


The Original Problem


Do you have a 2005-2010 Scion tC? Did you go to open the back hatch and when you grabbed the handle it broke right off? Unfortunately this is a really common problem on these vehicles.


The original handle anchors were very poor quality, and if you pull too hard it breaks right off in your hand. It's not just your car, many Scion tC's manufactured in these years had the same problem. Just look at other Tc's on the road went you're driving around you will see many tC's with duct tape holding the garnish on.


The issue was with the way the plastic was formulated. After several years of cold and heat the plastic at the point where the metal anchors attached would become brittle and break.


The new garnish looks exactly the same as the old garnish. However the plastic used is a different formulation that is more resistant to heat and cold, so you will not have this issue again. You will not be able to tell any difference between the design of the new garnish in the old one. Everything is exactly the same except for the plastic.



Our Solution


We are selling a completely brand new Genuine Toyota handle. The new handle is the newest version Which is the newest design, and has been updated from the original that was installed at your car from the factory.


  • Includes Handle, painted rear garnish, cabling for handle and Scion emblem.
  • Includes all hardware pre-installed on the garnish. Does not include the 4 interior attachment nuts, you will re-use your old ones.
  • Does Not Include License Plate Lights.
  • Installs easily
  • Includes Scion Emblem
  • Painted by Toyota to match your cars exterior perfectly.
  • Comes sealed in Genuine Toyota Packaging.
  • Factory Fresh Direct From Toyota
  • Now includes the push button release switch pre-installed at no extra charge!


Installation Instructions:


  1. Most customers report installation of about one hour. This will vary due to your technical skills. Allow one to three hours for the job. Be careful that you do not lose the nuts that are inside holding the garnish on. It is very easy to lose the nuts and drop them down in the door panel. The new garnish does not include new nuts so be very careful to save your old ones.
  2. The fasteners are a PAIN to get out. If you have a thin Flathead screwdriver you'll want to use that to wrench them out. They're made of plastic and flex a lot so it's hard to get them out. You'll need to try to stay calm or you may break them in a fit of rage. I'd also recommend either coating the screwdriver's shaft in something rubber or cloth or it'll scratch up the paint (although this is covered for the most part by the light gray plastic). Be Very Careful not to scratch anything. The screws come out easy enough, just be sure not to go overboard with it because there is enough resistance to strip the heads a bit if you aren't careful.
  3. Next is pulling the dark plastic off. The handles on the plastic help to pry it off a bit. If you need help grab a plastic wedge of some sort and shove it in between the metal frame and the plastic to help pry it apart. Makes a lot of loud popping noises. Just keep an eye out that it doesn't whack you in the head when you're pulling it off, and try to brace the metal frame with one hand so you aren't just pulling the gate closed on yourself.
  4. Unscrew the four nuts. If your Socket wrench isn't long enough you may have to fit a 10mm attachment onto the nuts first and then kind of hover the socket extender in the attachment and wrench it off that way until the screw post is short enough to lock the attachment and extender together properly for the rest of the way. Pay close attention while unscrewing them so that you don't drop the nut inside the metal frame of the door. Once you got those off, you can pull the garnish off from the outside but it won't come off all the way. You have to push the little rubber cup holding the hatch handle button wiring out of the metal frame or it'll dangle down and possibly scratch up the outside of your hatch, so be careful. Make sure you unhook the wiring harness beforehand as well.
  5. Now take out your nice new hatch garnish, feed the wiring harness through the large circled hole and squeeze the rubber cup into place there. Then feed the bolts through the holes in the metal, taking care to maneuver the wiring out of the way so the lights fit into the recesses of the garnish. Keep an eye on the rubber seal around the garnish edges so it doesn't fold over or get pushed out of the way while you're putting it into place. You'll probably want to hold the garnish in place with one hand while ducking under the hatch and carefully screwing the nuts back onto the bolts inside (loosely). Get all the nuts on before trying to tighten them down so you can make sure the garnish is seated right. Also make sure you don't over tighten the nuts.
  6. These instructions are incredibly detailed, and make it sound a lot harder than it actually is. For most people with a good mechanical aptitude the job should take less than an hour.

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