2005-2010 Toyota Tacoma Sun Visor New Updated Design Genuine OEM New


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Customer Reviews

Brand new Genuine Toyota Sun Visor is for 2005-2010 Toyota Tacoma. This is the newest revised version.

Do you have a 2005-2008 Toyota Tacoma? Is the visor falling down and obstructing your vision? Not only is this the safety issue, it is quite annoying. When you or your significant other is driving in the visor is constantly falling down, it can drive you crazy.

The original sun visors installed in these trucks had a major problem. The visor will not stay up and it constantly falls while driving or running over a bump. Its not just your truck, every Toyota Tacoma manufactured in these years has the same problem. The support rod loses tension over time, and begins to lose grip.


Our Solution

We are selling a completely revised Genuine Toyota Visor that will not fall down, and will not lose tension. The new visor is completely redesigned internally by Toyota engineers to never fail again.



Many of our customers are reporting a install time of around 20 minutes. This is really easy to install. Basically all you do is pop off the trim cover that covers the base of the visor at the ceiling. Underneath the cover you'll find two screws. Unscrew the screws and the visor will pull out of the ceiling. If your truck is equipped with lights there will also be a wiring plug. Unplug this wire. To install is just the opposite. The only tools needed will be a screwdriver you will need a flathead to pop the cover off and a Phillips head to unscrew the visor. Super easy to install.


Product features

Includes plug and wiring to plug into ceiling for vanity lights (only If your truck was originally equipped with this option)

installs easily with a flat blade and a Phillips screwdriver

includes mirror with cover (only If your truck was originally equipped with this option)

includes slide-out extender (only If your truck was originally equipped with this option)

matches your interior fabric color exactly.

Comes sealed in Genuine Toyota Packaging.

Factory Fresh Direct From Toyota


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