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2008-2009 Ford Fusion Fuse Central Smart Junction Box junction Genuine OEM


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3 year Warranty on This fuse box! Covered by our Exclusive 3 year Warranty. We Will replace any Fuse Box that fails due to manufacturers defects for a period of 3 years.
That's 10X The warranty of the Dealer!
*Warranty Does not Cover Labor, Shipping, Or Consequential Damage.
There are 2 Different options for this fuse box. The difference is if you have the illuminated keypad on your door, where you enter a code to unlock. Be sure to make the correct selection when adding to your cart. Ordering the wrong box will cause severe electrical damage.
  • 2009 Ford Fusion SE 3.0L V6 - Gas
  • 2009 Ford Fusion SE 2.3L L4 - Gas
  • 2009 Ford Fusion S 2.3L L4 - Gas
  • 2009 Ford Fusion SEL 2.3L L4 - Gas
  • 2009 Ford Fusion SEL 3.0L V6 - Gas
  • 2008 Ford Fusion SE 3.0L V6 - Gas
  • 2008 Ford Fusion SEL 2.3L L4 - Gas
  • 2008 Ford Fusion S 2.3L L4 - Gas
  • 2008 Ford Fusion SEL 3.0L V6 - Gas
  • 2008 Ford Fusion SE 2.3L L4 - Gas
Includes 100% Brand new Circuitry and case
  • Includes the newest Ford Software Updates.
  • Comes sealed in Genuine Ford Packaging.
  • Factory Fresh Direct From Ford
Programming May be Required. Contact your local shop with your VIN number, to check programming requirements before purchasing.

We are selling a Genuine Ford completely revised Fuse Box that Will never fail again



Important Part Number Information: The part number on your old Fuse Box will not match the one we send you. We are sending you the newest updated genuine Ford version, with the newest part number. Each time it is revised the part number changes, so the part number you receive from us may be nothing like the original.




Special Return Policy Applies to this Part

Fuse Boxes are not returnable for a refund, but are returnable if defective, for a swap of another module during the 10 year warranty period. In other words we will not give you money back for a module, but if it is defective (not water damaged), we will be happy to change it for another module for you.

Why This Policy?

Unfortunately since these Fuse Boxes are commonly bought as test parts to diagnose a problem on a vehicle, we are unable to accept a return of any Fuse Box for a refund for any reason. Just think about it this way, nobody wants to buy a returned Part that somebody else used to test their vehicle, Anything could have happened to it during that time, including shorting it out, getting it wet, breaking connector pins etc. You do not want to buy somebody's problem and we do not want to sell you one.

We want to remain as open and honest with our customers as possible therefore we have instituted this policy. Once you purchase the Fuse Box it cannot be returned even if you have never opened the box, please know that the module is yours to keep once purchased.

The Module does however have a 3 year warranty, and if found to be defective within 3 years, we will swap the module out for a new for you during this time.

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