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This Genuine Part is Brand New. Sourced From the USA.

This part incudes a 3 Year Warranty at no extra charge.

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2007-2009 Nissan Quest Fog Light Trim Ring Bezel Finisher Genuine New

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  • Brand-new genuine Nissan part.
  • This is the fog light ring also called a bezel for 2007 2008 or 2009 Nissan quest.
  • This is the trim ring that goes around the fog light.
  • You will have this part on your vehicle if your vehicle was originally equipped with fog lights from the factory.
  • This is a ring that has a hole in the center for the fog light.

This new part includes any available factory authorized updates to improve performance or durability.
Product Features:
  • Comes sealed in Genuine Manufacturers Packaging.
  • Factory Fresh. No old or used stock.
  • Includes the best warranty available at no extra charge.
  • This is the exact same part sold at your local new car dealership.
  • Newest Most Up to date Version.
Other Information:
  • Includes installation instructions? No
  • What is Included? Unless otherwise specified, what is shown in the product photos is exactly what you will receive.
  • Includes Warranty? Yes
  • Includes attaching hardware? No (you can re-use your original hardware). (If Applicable).
Ships From: Texas, USA.
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