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This Genuine Part is Brand New. Sourced From the USA.

This part incudes a 3 Year Warranty at no extra charge.

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2014-2015 Chevy Silverado Front License Plate Bracket Tag mount Genuine

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New Genuine GM Front Bumper License Plate Mounting Bracket w/ Mounting Hardware.

***Will not fit GMC Sierra***

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

GM does include some pop rivets with this bracket. Unfortunately unless you have a rivet gun you will not be able to use these to install the bracket. What most customers do is go to a hardware store and just get some self tapping screws and use those to install it instead.

The other option would be to either buy a rivet gun or take it to a body shop to have it installed. Most customers just use the self tapping screws and have this installed in about 10 minutes

This bracket is built by the same manufacturer who built your car. This is a genuine part. The Curvature, Shape, and fit will be exact, this is not a generic one size fits all bracket.


*******IMPORTANT NOTE******


This Auto Manufacturer no longer includes hardware or instructions with their license plate brackets. The part being sold is a bracket only. You can easily re-use your old hardware, or you can visit your local new car dealer for exact hardware, or a local auto parts store for a generic install kit. Some Product Videos May Show hardware, Please note that the hardware is no longer included.





This new part includes any available factory authorized updates to improve performance or durability.


Product Features:


Comes sealed in Genuine Manufacturers Packaging.

Factory Fresh. No old or used stock.

Includes the best warranty available at no extra charge.

This is the exact same part sold at your local new car dealership.

Newest Most Up to date Version.


Other Information:


Includes installation instructions? No

What is Included? Unless otherwise specified, what is shown in the product photos is exactly what you will receive.

Includes Warranty? Yes

Includes attaching hardware? No (you can re-use your original hardware). (If Applicable).




Ships From: Texas, USA.


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