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Genuine 2002-2006 Toyota Camry 2 new rear speaker cover grilles back deck


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Price Includes 2 covers 1 for each side.

The Original Problem:
Do you have a 2002-2006 Toyota Camry? Did your speaker covers on you back deck just disintegrate into little pieces? The original speaker covers installed in these cars had a major problem. The plastic falls apart from the heat of the sun due to the manufacturer not putting enough flex additive into the plastic when the covers were molded. This doesn't allow the plastic to expand when it is heated therefore making it brittle and break.
Its not just your car, every Camry manufactured in these years has the same problem. The little pieces fall into the cone of the speaker and makes rattling when listening to music.
Our Solution
We are selling a completely revised Genuine Toyota pair of speaker grilles that will not break and will not be affected by the sun or heat. The new covers are completely redesigned by Toyota engineers to never fail again.
Installation Instructions:
1. Wedge a flat head screwdriver under the edge of the speaker grill.
2. Pry up on the grill. There are several retaining clips holding the grill in place. You may end up breaking these clips off to remove the grill. It's okay to do so because you will be replacing these covers with new ones.
3.Work the screwdriver all the way around the edge of the speaker cover. If you can get your fingers underneath the cover, it may make it easier to pry the cover up. Once the cover is removed, clear the mounting brakes of any broken retainer clip pieces.
4. Slide the new speaker cover into place. Push on the cover until the speaker cover snaps into place.
Be careful! Many companies and dealers are still selling the old design because it is cheaper and they can make more profit. If you get the old design you will just have the same problem again in just a few months. We only sell the new design grilles.

Also be sure to have a vacuum handy when all the little pieces fall down into the speaker, you'll want to vacuum those pieces out

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