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1999-2000 Escalade or Denali BCM Body Control Module Pre-Programmed, Genuine New

Part Details and Fitment

1999-2000 Escalade or Denali BCM new Genuine GM body control module.

BCM Modules control a number of electrical features from interior lighting all the way down to radios and door chimes.

This is a brand new GM unit and is not rebuilt. Free Programming! It will be programmed for every available function, except key less entry when it arrives at your door.


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NOTE: if your vehicle was originally equipped with Onstar Analog, Digital Transitioned, or it was removed.

With onstar you may have issues programming your keyless remotes. In this rare case, you will need to have the bcm programmed to accept your keyless remotes by your local GM dealer. All other functions of the BCM will work flawlessly Without programming.

If you have onstar and you can do without your keyless entry, you can use this module without having it programmed and you will only lose the keyless feature.

If you do not have onstar, you can easily program your kelyess remotes using the instructions at the bottom of this page.


Fits any 1999-2000 Denali Or Escalade.

Do you have a 1999-2000 Denali or Escalade? Do you have annoying electrical problems that are driving you crazy? The original BCM Modules installed in these Trucks were just poor quality and disintegrate internally after a few years.

· Includes 100% Brand new Circuitry and case Includes the newest GM Software Updates.
· Comes sealed in Genuine GM Packaging.
· Factory Fresh, Includes 3 year replacement Warranty.

Be careful! Many companies and dealers are still selling the old design because it is cheaper and they can make more profit. If you get the old design you will just have the same problem again. We only sell the new design BCM.

Return policy: We have a Very Strict No Refund policy On BCM Modules. Unfortunately since these modules are commonly bought as test parts to diagnose a problem on a vehicle, we are unable to accept a return of any BCM module for a refund for any reason.

Just think about it this way, nobody wants to buy a returned module that somebody else used to test their vehicle, Anything could have happened to it during that time, including shorting it out, getting it wet, breaking connector pins etc. You do not want to buy somebody's problem and we do not want to sell you one.

We want to remain as open and honest with our customers as possible therefore we have instituted this policy. Once you purchase the BCM module it cannot be returned even if you have never opened the box, please know that the module is yours to keep once purchased.

The Module does however have a 3 year warranty, and if found to be defective within 3 years, we will swap the module out for a new for you during this time.

Keyless remote programming.


You will need to program your key less remotes to the vehicle using the simple instructions below:

Have each of the transmitters that you intend to program ready. This vehicle will allow you to program a maximum of four transmitters programmed at one time.

When reprogramming the remote control door lock receiver, all transmitters must be programmed at this time in order for the transmitters to operate the vehicle. Transmitters not programed at this time will not work and the procedure will have to be redone with all the transmitters.

  1. Turn the ignition to the RUN position, then back to the OFF position. This will disarm the theft-deterrent system. Remove the RADIO fuse (Fuse 17).
  2. Turn the ignition from the OFF position to the RUN position three times quickly, within five seconds. The vehicle will respond by locking the doors, unlocking the driver's doors and releasing the tailgate or panel doors.
  3. The transmitter is now ready to match to the vehicle. Press and hold the LOCK (1) and UNLOCK (2) buttons on the first transmitter for 15 seconds. The vehicle will respond as in step 3. Repeat step 4 for the remaining transmitters. Replace the RADIO fuse.
  4. Check that all transmitters work by pressing their buttons.

The Original Problem:


After a few years of wear and tear, and climate changes the part to begins to break down structurally.  Heat is one of the main factors of automotive issues. As you may notice, automotive problems seem to be more common in the summer months or in warmer climates.


Our Solution


Our Genuine Part is brand new and has all the latest updates. The part is designed to never fail again. Of course, nothing is perfect, so we back it up with our industry leading warranty in case something does go wrong. This part is made by the same company that made your vehicle, so you know it will be a 100% perfect fit every time, and the quality will be spot on.


Avoid the hassles of aftermarket, and cheap imitation parts. Our Parts just fit right, and just work right every time.




Many of our customers are reporting an install time of around 20 minutes or less. This is really easy to install.  If an installation video is available, you will find it here on this page. We are adding new videos all the time so check back later.


Does it fit my ________???


Our Parts are heavily researched and tested. They only fit what we say they will. Many parts look the same, but in reality, are very different. Please do not purchase if your exact vehicle configuration is not listed, we can promise you it will not fit.

3 Year Warranty: This part is covered by our industry leading 3 Year No Hassle Warranty. Details
yes Drive With Confidence. We only sell 100% Genuine Parts. No Chinese Knockoffs, No recalled parts, No Junk!
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Additional Part Information


 Quality Information: Genuine Part. This part is the exact same part sold at the new car dealership, and includes the same quality and same features for an amazing price.
Packaging: This part is packaged In Genuine Manufacturers Packaging.
Product Condition: Brand New, Packaging has not been opened.
Production Date: All parts we sell are factory fresh, are produced less than 1 year ago. Our parts have an average production date of 3 months ago or less.
Hardware and Instructions This part does not Include hardware or instructions.
Installation: Our Customers are reporting an average install time of 20 minutes or less. Install time can vary with individual technical skills.
Part Source:  This part is sourced from the USA. (Products are made worldwide, however sourcing from the USA ensures against counterfeits).

Customer Reviews

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Verified Customer Review

Was kept in the loop as to my order status via email. Shipped super quick and received in Virginia in 4 business days. Product as advertised and super easy to install.

Verified Customer Review

Great price thanks again

Verified Customer Review

Quality products at a competitive price. Thanks!

Verified Customer Review

The part came in quickly, in great shape, and was a perfect fit for my car! I could not be more pleased.

Verified Customer Review

The part was shipped the same day I ordered, arrived two days later and was the exact part I needed.

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